Beach Series Warmup


Always do a warm up!


Here’s a great warm up to any exercise routine. This will definitely get the blood flowing.


Perform the following exercises in order without rest. Pause for 30 seconds after the last exercise before starting your workout.

Exercise Reps
Marching on the Spot 30
Jumping Jacks 30
Squats 10
Alternating Reverse Lunges 10
Mountain Climbers 20 (slow)
Kneeling Push-ups 10

Marching on the spot for 30 repetitions.

Jumping Jacks for 30 repetitions

Body squats for 10 repetitions

Alternating reverse lunges for 10 reeditions

Slow mountain climbers for 10 repetitions


Kneeling push-up for 10 repetitions

Photos by @chrisvlinton

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