Fatty Facts

Fatty Facts

Between butter, margarine, and shortening, which fat is the best option?

Gook Shortening

Calories: 884 (100 grams)

When it comes to shortening products (think Crisco), which are made by hydrogenating an oil to make it semisolid at room temperature, this fat may be good when it comes to baking (It can make pastries flaky and tender), but the good news ends there.


Like shortening, margarine can also contain trans fats, but there are transfat-free options available. Although often low in fat, this means it can lack flavor if you are baking with it.

BEST Butter Calories: 717 (100 grams)

Made from cream (an animal fat), butter contains more saturated fat than margarine. It’s the most flavorful and versatile when it comes to using it for cooking or baking.


Butter is 80 percent fat. The remaining 20 percent is water and milk solids.

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