Force Majeure

Force Majeure

Force Majeure

Discovering fitness nearly 20 years ago has fueled Wendy Anaya in all respect of her life

“I am able and capable of achieving anything my mind can imagine and desire.” This is just one of the ways.
Wendy Anaya’s passion for fitness has changed her mindset when it comes to her approach to life. The 41-year old has a bodybuilder friend from 18 years ago to thank for her hobby, although fitness is much more than just a hobby. This friend had noticed Wendy’s potential in terms of symmetry and muscularity, and she joined a gym soon after, started lifting weights, and was immediately hooked.


Force Majeure


To this day, weightlifting remains a favorite activity of hers. “It’s an art, it’s sculpting the most perfect machine—your body. It is extremely rewarding to push yourself and see the results of your hard work. A healthy body is the basis of a healthy mind, and the combination of both is a huge factor in the success of all other aspects of your life,” shares Wendy.




Force Majeure




Her healthy lifestyle is also something she considers an investment into her longevity. “If you think working out is hard, try dealing with illness later in life because of lack of exercise.” But it takes a lot to bring down her drive and positive attitude. Wendy’s personal note to self as she navigates this crazy world?






“‘Could be worse.’ It’s a reminder to myself that every negative situation I encounter, it can always be worse and I will prevail no matter what.”






“True success being able to do what makes you happy and being surrounded by your loved ones”




Photos by Glen E. Grant Follow (@glenegrant)

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