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10 Loop Band Exercises You’ve Got to Try for a Full-Body Workout


Training with loop bands is a convenient and effective way to get a workout done anywhere! They provide similar and sometimes even greater muscle activity as weight training. One major difference. Though? A lower amount of force is placed on the joints with resistance loop bands, which means that more stimulus can be provided to the muscles with less chance of injury. This is also good news for anyone with existing injuries or joint pain, because resistance bands may allow you to continue working out and performing exercises that you’re unable to do with dumbbells.


In addition, the constant tension from bands adds an element of required stabilization from your body to maintain form during many exercises. This also means that you will often need to activate your core for balance. The need to control them from snapping back into place means greater stimulation and strength through the muscle’s full range of motion, and the pull of the bands reduces your ability to cheat by using momentum.

Try this full-body loop band workout that can be done in 20 minutes!

Squat: place loop band just above knees with feet shoulder-width apart or wider. Slide your buttocks back as you keep your chest high. Lower buttocks parallel to knees or lower. Pause for a second and as you return to start position, squeeze glutes. Aim for 24 reps.






Standing Abduction (Standing Side Leg Lift)

Keep band just above knees and stand with feet hip distance apart. Lift one leg out to the side, pause and return to start position; alternate sides. Aim for 24 reps each leg.






Single Arm Bent-Over Row

Place loop band under right foot securely in place. Hinge from your hips with a flat back and grasp band with right hand. Brace your core as you pull the band, keeping your elbow tight to your body, squeezing your shoulder blades and keeping back flat. Aim to get your elbow to slide past your waist. Pause, squeeze. Complete 24 reps. Then repeat to left side



Triceps Kick Back

Secure band in your left hand at waist. Grasp other end of the loop with your right hand. Extend your right arm straight as you stretch the loop band, keeping your left hand secure. Hold straight arm position and squeeze tricep. Pause and release slowly to start position. Complete 24 reps. Then repeat for left tricep. Tip: For more resistance, brace your left hand higher on your chest.


Seated Row

Sit on your mat with the loop band securely around your right foot. Extend your leg straight, sit tall and pull the band with your right hand as you slide elbow behind your waist. Squeeze shoulder blades together and pause. Complete 24 reps. Then repeat on left side.


Banded Bridge Thrusts

Place band around both legs just above your knees. Lie down on mat with knees bent and legs hip width apart or wider. Lift hips and squeeze glutes—you should feel a stretch in your hip flexors. Pause for a moment and return to your start position. Complete 24 reps.


Lying Abduction

Lie on your side with a band looped above bent knees; knees are stacked on top of each other to start, Brace bottom knee as you pull top thigh open. Pause at widest opening and return to start. Aim for 24 reps. Repeat for your other side.


Ab Tuck with Double Leg Abduction

Start with band looped just above your knees. Lie on your back as you place your hands behind your head. Tuck knees in towards your chest as you perform a crunch, then extend and abduct legs away from your body. Return to tuck position. Complete 24 reps.


Donkey Kicks

Start with band around your knees and get onto your hands and knees. Make sure the band is secure under your left knee and that your hands are placed directly below your shoulders. Brace your core as you lift your right knee up to hip height. Squeeze glutes as you lift and pause at the top. Return to your start position and complete 24 reps. Repeat with your left leg.


Banded Bicycle

Place the loop band around the toe box of both feet. Lie back on your mat and pull one knee into your chest. With hands behind your head, rotate your core towards your bent knee. Alternate legs and twist core side to side, like a traditional bicycle movement, as the band stretches with your leg movements for added resistance. Reps?


Photos by ChrisVLinton

By : Rosalie Brown

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