Go Nuts

Better skin. Better hair. Better control of your appetite. These nuts and seeds do it all and more.

GOOD: Cashews
Calories per 1 OZ): 155
Arguably the most underrated of the nut butters, a 2010 study from the University of Montreal suggests that the extract of these seeds can help improve the body’s insulin response.
WAIT, WHAT? Cashew shells are coated with a caustic lining, which is why they are always sold sans shell.

BETTER: Walnuts
Calories per 1 OZ): 183
Not only do walnuts have twice the fibre as cashews, they also pack three times the folate. Cracking your own will help you pace yourself while snacking.
WAIT, WHAT? Walnut trees can begin producing fruit in as soon as four years and they can live to 130 years.

BEST: Almonds
Calories per 1 OZ): 165
Aside from providing the most protein of all three nuts here, a 2015 study from the American Heart Association recommended high-carb snacks be replaced with almonds to help cardiometabolic health.
After two salmonella outbreaks near the turn of the century, the USDA mandated that almonds be pasteurized – even those sold as “raw.”

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