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Meet Your New Sous Chef

Cook more often, but with less effort? The T-Fal ActiCook & Stir takes pressure cooking and makes it even simpler (translation: you get more time in your day). It can sauté, fry and bake, is self-stirring(hello, hands-free cooking, finally!), and you can cook with the lid open(and you know there’s always that one ingredient you forgot to add!). The real question is, though, how to spend the time you’ve opened up in your schedule now that you don’t have to be standing over the stove.


Health NewsBacteria in your water bottle that can be harmful or cause odor? Gone in60 seconds if you’re drinking out of a self-cleaning LARQ, which uses a UV-Flight every two hours to clean your bottle. The bottle does the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your water clean; you just have to remember to,

GET A Fresh Start

Kick-off the new year with innovations that encourage healthy habits.

Put a Ring on It

Health NewsWe love logging our fitness and monitoring our progress, but that sporty watch or bracelet doesn’t really work on those occasions we want to put on something other than Lycra. Stay just as committed thanks to your fitness insights with the stylish and discreet motif Ring Fitness Tracker. Finally, a minimalist option that tracks heart rate, fitness, and sleep.,


Health NewsThis ain’t the simple brush you get from your dentist with each visit. The neutral-B Genius X uses artificial intelligence to track your brushing and guides you with feedback on where you need to give your teeth some more brushing attention.

Wear it Well

New Canadian eco-conscious fitness-gear collection EPL Sports wear is free of dangerous chemicals, dyes, and toxins, making it better both for you and the planet. It’s got anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and UV-protection features, so there’s no need to sweat about sacrificing essential performance-gear benefits. Plus, with every purchase, TMPL plants a


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