Healthy Hair Hacks

It’s true that your hair can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Aim for BFF status with the help of our expert hair guru.

Our hair. We stress it, process it, color it, heat it, curl it, and straighten it. The number-one question I am asked by my clients is how do you combat hair damage? The following five tips are ones that I swear by. You can easily incorporate these into your routine, and they will make a big difference in the healthiness of your locks.


It’s a great idea to use warm water when washing your hair with shampoo because it opens up the cuticle to give you a much-needed deep clean. But when you reach the final step of washing, rid your locks of conditioner by rinsing with cold water. Cold water will close the cuticle and lock in all the moisturizing benefits of your post-shampoo – plus, it will also add a nice shine to your final ‘do.


Standard towels are great for drying your body – not so much for your hair. Terry cloth is far too abrasive for your delicate tresses and can add unwanted texture to your cuticles, causing extra frizz – no thank you! Instead of using a towel to wrap up your hair after washing, grab that old band t-shirt you never wear. The softness of t-shirt material is much gentler on your hair and it will not rob your strands of the moisture they need to look healthy.


When your hair is wet it’s very fragile. Brushing your hair at this sensitive stage can lead to unwanted breakage. If you can, avoid brushing through your wet hair and let it air dry until it’s about 20 percent damp (that’s 80 percent dry, kids) before going in with a brush or any kind of hot tool. If you really can’t wait, try using a wide-toothed comb, as it won’t damage wet hair as much as a traditional hairbrush will. Lastly, to avoid tangles (which can cause additional damage), comb your almost-wet hair starting from the bottom and work your way up. 


I’m sure you’ve seen those oft-colorful telephone cord-like rings that are usually attached to keychains so you can put them around your wrist. Well, guess what: they double as amazing hair ties that won’t leave you with hair breakage like a traditional hair elastic can. These rings place uneven pressure around your ponytail, allowing hair to be held strongly but not too tight. In the end, this will lessen the amount of breakage that takes place when you tie your hair up. An added bonus: telephone cord rings don’t leave that dreaded kink in your hair that traditional elastics do. Yay to longer-lasting blowouts! 


Cotton pillowcases can lead to breakage while you sleep because they create friction between your hair and the fabric while you are tossing and turning during the night. Simply replace yours with a silk pillowcase and your hair will be forever grateful. The silky material allows hair to easily glide across your pillow, cutting down on any snagging while you snooze.


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