Hit the High Seas

Forget the regular all-inclusive packages. Sign up for a cruise to expand your horizons and earn your sea legs.

CruiseWhile some like to call our generation “Baby Boomers”, I prefer “All grown up and ready to kick back!” Turning 50 gives you a new lease on life – you can do as you please and go where you want. As a travel professional, I often get asked, “Where do those 50-plus travel?” The truth is the same as everyone else! The big difference is that at this age you may have more time and money available, giving you the opportunity to start checking off your bucket list of places you simply must visit. One way to do that conveniently and efficiently is by booking a cruise.

Cruising is made for us

Cruises have become increasingly popular with every age group, appealing to singles, couples, families, and even multi-generational gatherings. Land tours are often paired with cruises and have become more accessible and attractive so their popularity with the 50-plus age group is beginning to explode. These types of tours are offered in many different formats: small groups, adventure-themed, back-road trails,  biking and hiking, and more. River tours are especially tantalizing, as they give you an up-close glimpse of many exotic locales in a short period of time. I would recommend that you consider two very popular but very different types of river cruises: a European tour and those through Machu Picchu. Having been on a number of river and ocean cruises in Europe,


Explore Your Interest

I have firsthand experience in this regard. River cruises are designed for experienced and curious travellers alike – anyone with an interest in geography, culture, and history. Each journey includes daily shore excursions, with some cruise lines including exclusive culture programs that provide deep immersion in the destination through music and art, cooking demonstrations, informative port talks, and carefully selected guest lecturers. Most river cruise ships carry under 200 passengers, with some as low as 100. This makes for a very intimate experience where you get to know everyone onboard and will likely come home with new friends. Ships often dock in the centre or very near the centre of town for easy walking and biking right from the ship. These cruises usually include at least one half-day excursion, and beer, wine, and soft drinks with lunch and dinner – plus mimosas for breakfast. The more upscale lines are totally all-inclusive! There is something for everyone in every destination.

Fit your Budget

When you go, how you travel, what you do, and where you stay will determine your cost. From low budget to luxury, you decide. You can tour with a group or your travel professional can customize a tour to fit your time and budget. Whatever way you choose, it will be an unforgettable experience and a trip of a lifetime. Life is short, so travel – it’s the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer.

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Sandra McLeod


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