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From Setbacks to Success, Marcie’s Inspiring Fitness Journey

Marcie Logan has overcome many obstacles to reach the top of her game. Now she’s teaching her own clients how to stand up and stand out, to create their own inspiring fitness journey.

marcie's inspiring fitness journeyYou could say that Marcie Logan is a proud, born-and-raised northern Ontarian – at least, if you are someone who considers Sault Ste. Marie the “true north.” But despite her distance from the hubbub of southern Ontario, and thanks to the powers that be – namely the internet and popular media – Marcie was still exposed to Western ideals. Including the prerequisite of being a certain size and, especially as a woman, a certain wallflower temperament.

The pressure added up. In 2014, at the age of 44, she found herself at her highest weight, around 200 pounds, and at her most dejected. But it wasn’t until 2020, six long years later, that she began her journey to better health.

Finding Empowerment through a 60-Day Challenge

Instead of resigning herself to a low-cal, high-cardio regimen that could spark change in her body but ultimately leave her miserable, she decided to sign up for a 60-day challenge with Jase Stevens of Hammer Fitness. This move empowered her to take control of her body, her future, and in essence, her happiness.

“Due to COVID, I had to train at home with minimal dumbbells and bands,” she recalls. “I also did cardio (walking and biking) and followed a meal plan.” With the right attitude and a blueprint in hand, she lost 16 pounds over the course of the program. “I was just getting started and had good momentum. I chose to continue working with Jase after the challenge,” she says.

Marcie's Inspiring Fitness JourneyTaking on the Bodybuilding Challenge

Jase’s support introduced her to a new objective: bodybuilding, which had been on her radar since she signed up for Hammer Fitness, a group of athletes that Marcie considers an elite ensemble. “From the very first day I started working with Jase, I had a goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition as a Hammer Fitness athlete,” she says. “This was a HUGE hill to climb.”

This newfound love of fitness led her to sign up for the competition, at age 53, in the fitness and physique categories. Her hard work paid off: she earned three first-place medals, one third-place medal, and a spot at the 2024 Pro Qualifier.

Consistency: The Key to Transformation

Marcie’s motto is “no excuses.” When it comes to setbacks, she insists she has been lucky enough (or perhaps disciplined enough) to steer clear of them. By keeping her eye on the prize, and finding creative ways throughout the day to fit in activities. Bringing her food scale and meals wherever she goes, she has been able to stay the course and stay at her peak.

While at the beginning of her journey, she found that diet was the main driver in her transformation, as a competitive bodybuilder, she now sees the importance of both training and nutrition in her day-to-day life. And sticking with her plan was the key to seeing rapid but sustained results.

“The biggest change I made is consistency,” she says. “In the past, I would try something, have a little success, then go back to my old ways. However, this time I was consistent every day. The more I saw my body change, the harder I wanted to push myself.”

Marcie LoganInspiring Others and Starting an Online Coaching Business

Her family is a big reason why she continues to show such strength and discipline in all aspects of her life. “I am proud to be the role model my daughters deserve,” she notes, adding that inspiring others is what pushed her to start her own online coaching business. “ This is something I would never have been able to do three years ago.”

Achieving Success and Finding Happiness

The success Marcie has found is available to all who are willing to put in the work, she believes. And if she can do it, she knows anyone can.

“Prior to May 2020, I was tired, unhappy, embarrassed, and isolated,” Marcie remembers. “I didn’t want to socialize – I wanted to hide. I had just turned 50 and I knew I didn’t want to spend the next few decades feeling the way I did.

“Now I feel and look the best I ever have. I have energy, goals, determination, and focus. I am resilient, disciplined, and very happy and I certainly don’t feel 53!”

Photos by @ChrisVLinton

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By : Rachel Debling

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