Routine Rewards

The key to success in exercise and diet is routine.

A routine is defined in the dictionary as “a sequence of actions or procedures regularly followed.” It’s something that is done automatically, without any additional thought, habitually.

routine rewards

You know who you want to be, so start acting right now as if you are already that person. You’re set with a great fitness routine and a sound nutrition program in place; now execute like the fit person you want to be.


Making something routine means you have decided what you need to do to achieve your goals no matter how you may feel about it when it comes time to get to the task at hand.

It is your number one priority. When you feel good about yourself, you are better in everything — relationships, jobs, life. Some inspiration for making your routine commitments:

1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this specific workout will happen at this time.

2. Two eggs for breakfast every day.

3. Get to bed by 11 p.m. every night.

4. Meditate for 10 minutes every morning before making breakfast.

5. Insert your habit here.

Write it down now! Numerous studies prove that you increase the chance of commitment when you write it down.

The best part about making this decision to establish a routine — it’s done! And once you’re able to commit to it for the first two weeks or so, the good habits become automatic. You won’t even think twice about it. So there is no mulling it over, no compromise, no stress.routine rewards


Creating a routine or good habit is also especially great for making dieting choices. There are no on-the-spot decisions because you have decided, for example, that good protein and veggies, along with sparkling water, tea, or coffee are what you order. That way you’ll have the tools (eggs, nuts, a rainbow of veggies, yogurt, cottage cheese, salsa, frozen blueberries, protein balls, and more) ready to support your routine. 

There are no more surprises to deal with. You are prepared, you know what you want, and you can even take the next step by planning what foods you need to travel with and researching the food establishments that offer you what you need. Plus, routine and habit condition you to say no to bread on the table or only have dessert if you’ve got friends to share it with.


Another way routine will grow into your healthy lifestyle? Friends and family will come to understand your routine and will support you by helping you keep your routine. This aspect is great because the more you stick to your routines and habits, the easier it becomes. Consistency is key to success. 


Remember, too, that life happens; a sick child, an emergency meeting, or an exceptionally crazy day may cause you to miss a workout. Or a birthday or holiday may lead to you going off of your eating plan. That is fine. Tomorrow you can get back to your routine and return to your good habits.


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