Wine Not?

Celebrate your finest occasions (or heck, Tuesday) with a tall glass of vino. But not all bottles are created equal – thankfully, our tips will steer you in the right direction.


Though red wine gets all the glory when it comes to antioxidents, a University of Barcelona study found that white wine may have higher than it’s dark counterpart. Cheers to that!
Part it with Delicate fish, chicken and pasta


Since it’s a blend of both red and white wines (and is therefore and obviously made of fermented grapes), rose has a similar health profile to both of it’s cousins, but with fewer calories.
Part with it salads, goat cheese, and shellfish.


Don’t let the higher calory count sway you: red wine is the king of heart health, but it does not stop there. Resveratrol, found in wines, like merlot has been linked to better brain health and improved immunity, too.
Pair it with Beef, cheese and muhshrooms.

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